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We go to great lengths to create excellence in sports programs, both for teams and individuals. Looking to impress a coach or commemorate a great season, our High Definition Video looks superb and will continue to give you pleasure long after the last whistle blows.
Here's a sample of the image quality, music and editing skill you can expect when you hire Televisionary Productions to create a team or individual highlight video. Our footage is focussed on the action, even anticipating; close-up, exciting, high definition. We include a tribute to the team's all-stars as well as interviews with the seniors. We create a truly memorable program players and parents will always enjoy. Some schools' booster clubs get them every year!
We have experience shooting football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, soccer and hockey. What do you play?

Headed by the passionate and knowledgeable John Papas and his coaching staff, BB&N not only turns out a winning team year after year, but provides a growth experience for young men that offers opportunities to test their mettle and gain friends in a spirit of camaraderie.
This "two-minute drill" is a condensed version of the 25- minute full-length commemorative video, done annually for BB&N by Televisionary Productions.

Soccer Captain Plays With Diabetes from Brian Galford on Vimeo.

Broadcast on the U.S. Youth Soccer Channel. "Bugsy," as her teammates call her, has managed her diabetes since she was in elementary school.
She's the captain of her soccer team, an inspiration to her
teammates, and wears an insulin pump to games.

The soccer coach wrote us: "I